Sheet Pile

Customised sheet piling for every project. Exceptional high quality through cold forming – exactly the right profile for your project and never too heavy.

Sheet piling

We produce customised sheet piling and can therefore meet the needs of a specific project. We also have a standard product range that can be supplied at very short notice.

Laura Metaal undertakes the entire production chain for sheet piling in-house. From our own de-coiling centre for hot rolled steel up to and including forming in our own workshop - Laura Metaal undertakes everything.

Benefits of Laura Metaal sheet piling

  • We produce sheet piling that can be supplied at the lowest project cost in the market
  • We supply customised sheet piling and work with the client to ensure the right engineering solution. For example, we can supply (a range of) lengths to project specific sizes
  • Small batches are possible – from 10 tons upwards.
  • We are the most flexible producer of sheet piling. Everything can be discussed