Step barriers

The original steel Step barrier was developed at the time by Bouwdienst Rijkswaterstaat in close cooperation with Laura Metaal. For the design of the stiff steel (RWS) Step Barrier, Laura Metaal provided significant input, as well as later during the development of the half steel Step Barrier as a derived product.

In the original configuration with anchoring c/c 5.45 m, 4 anchors M24 that can absorb a tensile force of at least 120 kN, and in combination with the 6 mm thick skin plate, the Rijkswaterstaat quality requirements are met. A W2 combined with a beneficial ASI B are thus guaranteed. A wider centre distance must be avoided.

The half steel Step Barrier is more able to resist loads due to a collision if they can be transferred to beams placed at a 1.33m distance. It is important that the stiffening boards and the beams are placed in the correct places in the element and the correct thickness of skin plate is used. In the event of a heavy collision, the half steel Step can then rest against the collision side and show its full strength.

The whole and half steel Step Barriers produced and delivered by Laura Metaal Road Safety are fully in accordance with Rijkswaterstaat specifications and have CE markings. Hand rails and transfer constructions to NEN 5190/NEN 5191 safety barrier constructions can also be delivered. Hook-ridge supports are also possible.

Hele stepbarrier Star H2 W2 0,00 ≤ c < 0,30
Halve stepbarrier (kw) Star H2 W1 0,00 ≤ c < 0,30