Obstacle Protection

The AIR crash cushions have been specifically designed for the protection of danger zones like motorway exits or solitary obstacles from errant vehicles. It has saved the lives of many vehicle occupants, while simultaneously protecting the obstacles like bridge piers and such from getting damaged.

In the event of an impact the AIR crash cushion safely brings the vehicle to a halt, or it redirects the vehicle in a controlled manor with as little damage as possible. The impact energy is gradually absorbed and transferred through the special profiles. During a frontal crash the device cushions the vehicle in a telescopic way, allowing the vehicle to come to a full stop within the available length. The visually open and modular construction of the device can easily be inspected and is simple to repair.

Of the Air, the following 4 types can be supplied to the RIMOB Ripple Tube obstacle guards:

Rimob AIR equivalent Design Width at rear height Length
RIMOB V-270 AIR V2700 V-shape Ca 2.700mm Ca 6,5m
RIMOB V-185 AIR V1850 V-shape Ca 1850mm Ca 6,5m
RIMOB P-110-5S AIR P1100 Parallel Ca 1100mm Ca 6,5m
RIMOB P-80 AIR P800 Parallel Ca 800mm Ca 6,5m

In addition, shorter types are available for lower speeds. Precast concrete foundations are available. Tail pieces and connectors on NEN 5191 guide rail are available.