Motorcycle-friendly SPM safety rails

The motorcycle-friendly SPM-S2 safety barrier has been tested in accordance with NEN-TS1317-8 and complies with the set requirements. The SPM motorcycle-friendly safety barrier is always fitted with an associated start and end point. The structure has been tested on N2, H1 and H2 to demonstrate that adding a protective structure to a safety barrier structure for motorcyclists will not adversely affect the entire system.

The SPM-S2 has been tested in accordance with the highest speed (speed class) in the standard, and so is categorised under speed class C70; the HIC injury index (Head Injury Criteria) measured, and the forces on the neck during the collision tests, were amply within the injury class limit (Level 1: HIC36 < 650), making the SPM the best choice.

SPM-S2 is the way to go

  • NEN-TS1317-8 tested
  • Level 1: HIC36 < 650
  • N2
  • H1
  • H2