CaDos and traffic crossings

A so-called prepared crossing can be fitted into the NEN 5191 safety barrier. This emergency crossing can be used by the emergency services to reach the incident or accident location faster when the lanes are blocked.

This can be a barrier structure that can be opened manually. It consists of an NEN 5191 safety barrier on plug sockets, which are installed in the locally paved central reservation, with anchors on both sides.

Laura Metaal Road Safety delivers these emergency barrier crossings for 600 mm wide and 800 mm wide, for a seamless fit between the NEN 5191 systems. All steel components in these CaDos are hot dip galvanized in accordance with the NEN-EN 1461 standard, thus ensuring a long service life.

Besides the emergency crossing exclusively for emergency services, we also supply mobile (RWS) moveable crossing for road traffic in accordance with figure 13.10 from pub. 706. This type of crossing is installed e.g.:

  • at both ends of (land) tunnels, to divert traffic in an emergency through a crossing in the central reservation.
  • at regular intervals in the central reservation, for the benefit of road maintenance in e.g. the 4.0 system.

Laura Metaal Road Safety also delivers a NEN EN-1317 tested alternative in the form of the BarrierGuard 800 Opening Gate. This barrier, which is executed in steel, has been tested on H2 and can be equipped with mechanical lifting gear with wheel units. This crossing can be operated manually and can be opened quickly and efficiently.