Ready to support you in Other Markets

Laura Metaal has a vast experience in a multitude of other markets and products. This experience has been built in over 80 years of sheet metal working. Please consult us for your sheet metal working needs. Customers we support and have supported come from a multitude of markets like:

  • Civil engineering
    Stalen troggen [translation?] for bridges
    Welded profiles for construction
    Heavy steel protection profiles for concrete construction of locks
  • Compaction containers
    Press breaked panels and parts
  • Conveyors
    Welded support structures
    Steel blades
  • And many more

Locks of Lanaye case: heavy bended parts with short lead time

Laura Metaal was asked to supply the heavy steel protection profiles for the renovation of the locks of Lanaye. This job demanded very heavy precision press breaking performed on the 2000ton Ermak press break and Just-in-Time delivery at the job site.

Contact Laura Metaal to see how we can put our skills and experience to work for you:

  • State of the Art equipment
    Cutting, press breaking and large component robotic welding
  • Excellent Quality Systems and Management
    Demands for component tolerance, surface- and welding quality are ever increasing. Laura Metaal has operationalized quality management with Factory Production Control and SPC capabilities.
  • Cost efficiency
    We control the supply chain from coil, to plate, to component. We have a long term approach and work with you optimize value.
  • Logistics (JIT, kits)
    Laura Metaal supports your optimized logistics whether it be Just in Time deliveries or supply of kits in the right order.