Lightweight blast protective walls

Van Dam is a renowned supplier of fire and blast protective products.

When Van Dam approached Laura Metaal to come up with ideas for producing a lighter steel blast protective building we put together a multi-disciplinary team consisting engineers, press break specialist, quality assurance and welding specialists. We offered a reliable and innovative way to produce blast resistant walls using Ultra High Strength Steel and including design detailing, press breaking and [include NORM] certified welding. Laura Metaal controlled the supply chain from decoiling UHSS up to and included off shore proof coating.

Laura Metaal’s offer to support your business in off shore and ship building:

  • Design optimization

Laura Metaal has a vast experience in product development hand in hand with production. Our toolbox comprises 3D drawing, FEA and dynamic simulation. Our engineers optimize with makeability in mind. This knowledge is at your disposition.

  • Knowledge of High Strength Steel

Operating one of West-Europes most advanced Service Centers for Ultra High Strength Hot Rolled Steel we know working UHSS. Whether it be cutting, bending or certified welding.

  • State of the Art equipment

Cutting, press breaking and large component robotic welding.

  • Excellent Quality Systems and Management

Demands for component tolerance, surface- and welding quality are ever increasing. Laura Metaal has operationalized quality management with Factory Production Control and SPC capabilities.

  • Broad certification for your welding requirements

Laura Metaal was the first Dutch company to acquire EN1090 certification and has extensive welding certification for high-gauge and high strength steel, assures traceability and is qualified and certified for remarking of steel.

  • Logistics(JIT, kits)

Laura Metaal supports your optimized logistics whether it be Just in Time deliveries or supply of kits in the right order.