HOMAG highly precise chassis parts

Homag is a leading group in designing and manufacturing wood working equipment.

Laura Metaal is the Just-in-Time supplier of highly precise chassis parts. These chassis parts have several functions integrated in the design demanding for narrow tolerances on dimensions and superb flatness. By supplying kits in a JIT fashion we support the customer in reducing it’s complexity in the Supply Chain.

Laura Metaal’s offer to support your business in machine building and engineering:

  • State of the Art equipment
    Cutting, press breaking and large component robotic welding
  • Precision
    Design and assembly efficiency demand structural parts to also serve as functional parts and narrow tolerances. Laura Metaal Laura has vast experience in straightening of flat parts and has operationalized quality with Factory Production Control and SPC capabilities.
  • Cost efficiency
    We control the supply chain from coil, to plate, to component. We have a long term approach and work with you optimize value.
  • Logistics (JIT, kits)
    Laura MEtaal supports your optimized logistics whether it be Just in Time deliveries or supply of kits in the right order.
  • Design optimization
    Laura Metaal has a vast experience in product development hand in hand with production. Our toolbox comprises 3D drawing, FEA and dynamic simulation. Our engineers optimize with makeability in mind. This knowledge is at your disposition.