Hot galvanizing provides your products with a corrosion resistant zinc layer for the inside and outsie. The galvanized products are completely submerged in a bath with liquid zinc.

Unlike, for example, electrolytic galvanizing or powder coating, the application of the zinc layer in a 450ºC metal bath creates a coating consisting of various iron-zinc alloy layers under the zinc layer. These alloy layers ensure the adhesion of the zinc to the iron, the alloy layers themselves are even harder than the generally used underlying metal. Hot-dip galvanized products are often outside for years before traces of attack become visible.

The galvanized products comply as standard with the galvanizing standard NEN-EN-ISO 1461: 2009. We recommend the "Guidelines and recommendations for the protection of iron and steel in constructions against corrosion" (NEN-EN-ISO 14713: 2010 parts 1 and 2). Other standards or specifications can be used if required.