Laura Metaal Fabrications has an extensive welding department certified according to DIN EN ISO 3834-2.

We can manually assemble and weld complex structures. This can be done both for individual and serial production. Quality assurance tests can be carried out with issuance of a certificate for the welded joints.

We use various welding processes:

  • MIG/MAG welding (MAG, 135 )
  • Submerged arc welding (UP, 121 )
  • Fully automatic MIG/MAG welding with robot (vMAG, 135 )

A modern fully automatic welding cell with manipulator is also available for economical welding of serial work. Welding edge preparation is carried out.

Welding for demanding applications

ISO 3834-2

ISO 3834 gives extensive quality requirements for fusion welding of metals in our workshop. When working according to the NEN-EN-ISO 1090, Laura Metaal is able to meet the quality requirements of the ISO 3834-2, for example, requirements related to the technical assessment for welding, including welding method qualification, requirements for the welders, inspections and not destructive research. Attention to outsourcing, personnel for inspection and testing, maintenance and inspection of welding equipment, traceability is not lost sight of at Laura Metaal. For the welding work, the welding add materials, the storage of materials, heat treatment and the welding itself are also assessed by us.

Laura Metaal has a lot of expertise in the processing of the following materials:

  • S235, S275, S355, S690QL (NEN-EN 10025)
  • S700MC (NEN-EN 10149)

VT-w-2 inspections

During the manufacture of steel constructions, requirements are set for the welding work and the associated welding test. The specific requirement from EN 1090-2 Chapter 12.4 is that 'all welds must be checked visually over their entire length'. Our Visual Inspectors provide insight into all aspects of the visual assessment of welding work. Important for you is that Laura Metaal thereby meets the EN 1090 qualification requirements of personnel in accordance with chapter 4 of the EN-ISO 17637 standard. Laura Metaal is accredited to visually inspect welding work in line with NEN-EN ISO 5817. We can prepare complete reports for you on request. You can also contact Laura Metaal for all your Destructive Investigations (NDO). These examinations are carried out in accordance with ISO 9712, and inspection reports can also be drawn up on request.