Fiber Laser cutting

Tecoi 1430CF-6kW

Our customers and our own product development require higher cutting accuracy and efficiency with great flexibility in dimensions. With the Tecoi 1430CF-6kW Fiber Laser we meet the needs of the market. With a switch table of 14,000 by 3,000 mm, we offer high flexibility in dimensions. Cutting of any desired thickness is possible by means of optimized speed with the Double Fiber Process (DFP). Both oxygen and nitrogen cutting is possible with the most modern 6kW Trumpf fiber laser source. In short, our Fiber Laser offers high efficiency through rapid movement of the switch tables, the DFP system and a high laser power.

Fiber Laser overview Laura Metaal
Useful Cutting Width: 3.100 mm
Useful Cutting Length 14.200 mm
Headstock useful elevation: 200 mm
Straight cutting head: 1 Head HP SSL
Laser resonator: TruDisk 6 KW

Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting: electric arc process where very high cutting speeds can be achieved. A high-quality well-dimensioned product can be obtained for material thicknesses of up to 25 mm.

Plasma   Lengte Breedte Max. Dikte Max. Gewicht (kg)
Sato 2 koppen 16000 5000 38 3000

Oxyacetylene automatic cutting.

Our CNC robots are capable of very precise flame cutting work, such as edge bevelling for complex parts in all shapes and sizes.

Punch laser cutting

Laura Metaal Fabrications has a modern Trumpf punch laser combination machine, the Trumpf 600L. This machine allows us to punch and laser cut together, so that we make optimum use of both processes. The advantage is a very fast processing of the plate.

Trumatic Pons "F" Lengte Max. Breedte Min. Breedte Max. Dikte Max. Gewicht (kg)
Pons/Laser 20 ton 2585 1650 250 6 230
Ponsen 20 ton 3085 1740 250 8 230
Laser n.v.t. 3085 1650 250 6 230