Accessories NEN 5190/5191

Also for the following amenities and accessories you have come to the right place at Laura Metaal.

Anchorages according to NEN 5191

A starting point of a NEN 5190/5191 embankment system must always be anchored. The beam with the boards of the relevant NEN 5191 guide rail construction starts at least 20 mm below ground level and goes up to normal height in 24 m. Laura Metaal supplies anchoring type A in accordance with figures 32 and 34 of the NEN 5191. Aboveground anchorages are also available.

Collapsers art works type K and L

Delivery of standard and extended K-anchors and L-anchors in accordance with NEN 5190. Collapsers are also available for many non-NEN 5191 constructions.

Base plates

Trapeziumvormige- en rechthoekige grondplaten volgens NEN 5190.

Trapezoidal and rectangular base plates according to NEN 5190

In addition to the delivery program, the above-mentioned handrail rules also belong to a guide rail or barrier. Various types of handrail holders are available or can be made to measure if desired.

Splits and width transitions according to NEN 5191

Three standardized versions available with 4, 8 and 12m lengths.

Dilations and expansion joints

Slide Weld connections according to NEN 5191.

Carrying handle Constructions according to NEN 5191

Anti-subsidence constructions.

Transition (RWS) Stepbarrier to guide construction

In accordance with figure 13.15 publication 706 with a total length of 2.800mm.

Lantern plates

For lighting columns in barriers according to figure 13.7 publication 706.

Anti-glare screens

A vision limiting or anti-glare screen may be desirable for various reasons. This anti-glare screen for NEN 5190 construction consists of a supporting construction tube L = 3.960 mm and 6 slat holders per 4 m, available in different lengths and colors.
The carrier tube construction has various designs and fixings adapted to the different guide rail systems. Also available on wooden rail.

Crossing constructions

The transfer construction is used in places where the guide structure forms an obstacle, when the road users have to be able to get behind the rail or barrier. Available in 600 and 800 mm wide for the NEN 5191 guide rail constructions, but also on single rail for the underlying road network. These constructions are thermally galvanized according to NEN EN-1461. The handrail tubes can also be provided with a layer of powder coating in the color traffic yellow in accordance with the guidelines.