Wooden safety rail

Wooden safety barriers can be supplied in different performance classes, whereby the girder consists of a round or rectangular beam.

All wooden components are made of sustainably grown timber from sustainably managed forests and are treated for preservation suitable for usage class 4 in accordance with EN 335 to make them suitable for the Dutch climate. The wood used is PEFC certified. The steel can be reused and the wood does not need any special treatment at the end of its service life. The steel components can also be powder-coated in colour.

Type Benaming Klasse conform EN 1317 Werkende breedte ASI
Rondhout G4M N2 W7 A
Rondhout G2M N2 W6 A
Rondhout G4M+ N2 W7 A
Rondhout G2M+4 N2 W5 A
Rondhout G2M+2 N2 W5 A
Rondhout GRP-6M N1+N2 W3+W5 A
Rondhout GRP-4M N1+N2 W2+W4 A
Rondhout GRP-3M N2 W3 A
Rondhout GRP-2M N1+N2 W1+W2 A
Rondhout GRP-1,5M N1+N2 W3+W2 A
Rondhout GH2 H2 W4 B
Hoekvormig BEAM-N2-S4R N2 W5 A
Hoekvormig BEAM-N2-S2R N2 W4 A
Hoekvormig BEAM-H1S H1 W4 A
Hoekvormig BEAM-H2S H2 W6 A

The wooden safety barrier can also be executed with a continuous protective construction for motorcyclists, in accordance with the technical specification CEN/TS 1317-8. This can be supplied either hot dip galvanized or powder-coated in colour.

Appropriate solutions are also available for protecting cyclists on the rear of the barrier and, if required, a handrail can also be installed. Anti-blinding louvres are also possible.