Laura Metaal Road Safety

With more than 50 years of experience in the field of passive traffic safety systems, Laura Metaal has certainly proved its worth. Many of the contemporary verge safety products originate in the kitchen of Laura Metaal Road Safety and have contributed to increasing traffic safety.

Safety rail NEN 5190 en NEN 5191

Flexible steel safety barrier structure, in accordance with NEN 5190 and NEN 5191, with a low ASI value are preferred due to traffic safety. Laura Metaal Road Safety has now been producing and supplying these safety barriers in the Netherlands for more than 50 years. Laura Metaal was instrumental in the development of the NEN 5190/5191 and the most important systems were tested at the time with Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch Dept. of Public Works).

The NEN 5190/NEN 5191 safety barriers of Laura Metaal Road Safety have the necessary EN 1317 CE certificates, an excellent production quality, and they comply with the Rijkswaterstaat guidelines. Under certain conditions, reusable safety barriers can even be renovated by Laura Metaal Road Safety under CE certification. The safety barriers are hot dip galvanized in accordance with the NEN-EN 1461 standard.

Own Steel Service Center

With its own Steel Service Centre, Laura Metaal is always sure of the delivery of high quality basic material. This fully guarantees traceability within the entire production process, from coil to finished product. Thanks to the up-to-date production process, Laura Metaal is able to deliver all possible safety barriers fast and with certification against strongly competitive prices. With a large stock of standard products, situated in the middle of the country, and with the strength of our logistics partner, we are able to deliver and/or unload on site quickly, cheaply and efficiently.