Safety rails Belgium

The BENOR-mark is a voluntary quality mark. A Benor-certified product, process or service meets well-defined quality requirements. Benor certification also guarantees principals a review into the conformity and sustainability with which the protective constructions must comply.

The protective constructions for roads delivered by Laura Metaal Road Safety conform with the NBN EN-1317 series of standards, are CE-marked depending on the relevant standard part, and Benor certified. The constructions of Laura Metaal Road Safety are stated on the Benor Extranet under permit number 0622/0... “Hierros y Aplanaciones”. Laura Metaal Road Safety has its home base in Limburg; directly next to Flanders and close to Wallonia.

The supply programme includes:

  • safety barrier constructions or steel barriers
  • wood-steel barriers or wooden safety barriers
  • obstacle safety or fixed crash barriers
  • transitions
  • begin constructions and terminals
  • protective constructions for motorcyclists or motorcyclist protection beams