SafeZone Protect FreeStander (Free-standing Road Blocker)

The threat of terrorism is ever increasing and a better protection of people and properties is needed. SafeZone Protect FreeStander is developed to prevent vehicle intrusions into areas that need to be temporarily protected and where anchoring is not possible or wanted.

SafeZone Protect FreeStander is a tested mobile freestanding barrier that is designed for rapid deployment and removal. SafeZone Protect FreeStander can also be combined with SafeZone Protect Pindown. It is made from high quality S355 steel and is reinforced with high strength steels. SafeZone Protect FreeStander delivers maximum protection and is easy to move and deploy by only 1 to 2 persons.

Anchoring is not necessary

SafeZone Protect FreeStander comes in pre-assembled low weight 19ft. (5880 mm) sections. The height of the barrier is approximately 3.0 ft (900 mm). SafeZone Protect FreeStander has a built-in wheel section for easy transportation and fast deployment.

The SafeZone Protect FreeStander is very easy to install and remove because of the wheel sections. Simply lower the wheels and the barrier can be moved by only 2 persons. Move the barrier in place, lower the barrier and that’s it. What makes this barrier unique is that anchoring is not needed. SafeZone Protect FreeStander is the best choice to secure your event fast and easy without anchoring.

Because of the use of high quality S355 steel reinforced with high strength steel the barrier is capable of high impacts. Barrier is tested according ASTM F2656 and IWA14-1.

Productsheet FreeStander

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  • ASTM F2656, IWA14-1tested
  • ASTM: C730-P3 (11,1m)
  • IWA: Wall V/7200[N2B]/ 48/90:11.7 (11,7m)
  • No assembly required
  • No risk of losing parts
  • No anchoring needed
  • Mobile steel anti-terrorism barrier
  • Anti-ram barrier
  • Available in 19ft, 14ft and 9ft
  • Easy to move by 1 to 2 persons
  • Easy to deploy, install and store
  • Available in many colors
  • Personalize the barrier with your company logo